BEB Community Fund

Giving back is one of the founding principles of our organization. But, who do we give to? Every charity we can is the quick answer, but not every charity gets noticed or receives the funds needed for their cause. Many of the larger charities have hefty campaigns with national, and sometimes worldwide, attention to help them raise thousands of dollars, but what about those smaller local organizations who are hands-on in helping out right in our communities? Who helps them? Us, that’s who!

The BEB Community Fund was created so BEB could show its support for smaller, community-based charitable organizations. In December of each year, we decide which local charity we want to champion for in the coming year. Once a local charity has been identified, we determine smaller, more community-based events we can host to build this fund throughout the year. As well, our BEB members are required to make a small contribution into the BEB Community Fund at every brunch or group outing. At the conclusion of our fiscal year, the organization will honor the organization at our annual fundraising gala and present them with the funds raised for them during the year. For the purposes of the BEB Community Fund, our fiscal year runs from November 1st to October 31st.

Ways you can help:
• Invite BEB to host an event at your company or store.
• Partner with BEB or make a donation to the BEB Community Fund.
• Add your charity to our list of local charities.

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