Wednesday Wisdom: Blessed is ________________.

Wednesday has always been a day of reflection, better known as Hump Day. It is a day to reflect on what you have or have not accomplished this week and also on what you want to accomplish before the week is over. It is a day that you solidify plans for the coming weekend and laugh about the funny things that happened in the weekend that passed.

For this reason, I thought Wednesday would be the perfect day to share a weekly series called Wednesday Wisdom. It is intended to be a group post where you can hear from all or most of our members. We would also love for you to join us and post your blessings also.

To kick off our weekly series I want to rejoice in our blessings this week. They come in all forms and are considered anything in your life that brings you great Joy, Love, Abundance, Hope, Faith, Inspiration and so on.

We hope that you enjoy reading our blessings and it helps you find and appreciate yours.

Blessed is waking up every morning next to the man I love. ~ Mica S.

 Blessed is having the vision and the faith in oneself to see something you love come to fruition. ~ Moni C.

 Blessed is the feeling I have every day of my life! #iamthankful ~ Allison Y.

 Blessed is finding the most amazing pair of shoes and realizing they are on sale! ~  Moni C.

Blessed is cooking dinner for my family as I listen to my daughter practice her flute. ~ Kyiesha K.

Blessed is having friends that make you laugh during stressful times. ~ Neesha W.

Blessed is living out your dreams. ~ Ayisha E.

Blessed is being loved flaws and all. ~ Mica S.

Blessed is loving what you do and doing what you love. ~ Kyiesha K.

Blessed is being a first time mom at 42 and loving every moment. ~ Roxanne C.

Blessed is smiling through the struggle and seeing the pay-off in your children. ~  Rashieda B.  

Blessed is taking a moment to enjoy the journey of life. ~ Mica S.

Blessed is having a partner who is not only a husband but your best friend. ~ Neesha W.

Blessed is knowing your purpose and fulfilling that throughout your lifetime. ~ Kia M.

Blessed is being able to still fit into jeans you’ve had for 5 years. ~ Rashieda B.

Blessed is having wonderful family and friends. ~ Ayisha E.

Blessed is coming home after a long hard day at work and having your little man waiting up for you to put him asleep.

~ Roxanne C.

Blessed is being a first time mom at 42 and loving every moment. ~ Roxanne C.

Blessed is having friends that can make you laugh until you can’t speak, or breathe! ~ Kyiesha K.

Blessed is knowing that your life has purpose, and living in the realization of that purpose daily! ~ Davida M.

Blessed is knowing that God takes care of it all. ~ Ayisha E. 

Please join us by posting your blessings below!

Until we see you on Friday


Ky is the BEB Photographer and author of the Happy Friday Series.

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