Happy Friday: What’s up DC?

As of 12:01am on Thursday, February 26th, pot became legal in the special district known as Washington, DC — the home of leaders of this great nation and the capitol of the US of A. Initiative 71, which states that it is now legal to indulge in smoking and growing marijuana for recreational purposes, was approved. But before you rip your shirt off and start running around acting like there are no rules or start writing letters and petitioning to have this stopped, let me put things into perspective for you.

The Rules

  • You still cannot walk down the street passing a joint around; you will get arrested. Washington, DC leads the nation in arrests for marijuana possession. Keep it at home.
  • You are only allowed to have up to 2 ounces at a time and you can only cultivate up to 6 plants in your home, with no more than 3 being mature.
  • It is still illegal to call your weed man. You have to grow your own or someone has to give it to you with no monetary exchange.
  • No more than 12 plants may be grown in a single house or rental. Adults may possess all of the cannabis grown by those plants at the same location. So no matter how many adults are in the house, there is a limit.
  • Adults are considered 21 and over.

mariwweeertNow that you know the facts, how do you feel about it? Currently, in 20 states and DC, its use has been approved for medical purposes, and in 3 states and DC it is legal for recreational purposes. Pretty soon all states will be on board. It has many names: Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Ganja, and Mary Jane to name a few, and there are countless strains of it. Depending on where and how it is grown, will determine if it is going to make you a lazy, greedy and a lethargic mess or if you are going to laugh uncontrollably at something that only you understand, and talking for hours about how good your pet’s hair feels when you pet them and why. It can be energizing, causing you to hold focus on something for hours, and it can elevate your senses to new heights, making lights brighter and colors pop, food is deliciously decadent, and all is good in the world. You can smoke it, brew it and cook it to benefit from its effects.

Research has proven that marijuana has many benefits, and it is being embraced by millions as the new wonder herb. It is helping people battle over 200 ailments from glaucoma to cancer, and the list of possible life threatening side effects are significantly lower than 100% of the approved drugs on the market today.

So, whether you are for or against it, Mary Jane isn’t going anywhere. It’s a weed and you know how hard it is to get rid of weeds. From a spiritual point of view, with the right strain and a little quiet time, who knows what your mind can tap into and release. With responsible consumption it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Friday…put your lighters up.

Words to live by from Ky

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Happy Friday!

4789263This morning my daughter put on a sequin top and acid washed jeans. Now, my first reaction was to gently suggest that she change to a solid top or a solid bottom, but I stopped. I thought to myself, this is the last day of her vacation and I am dragging her out of bed (on what has to be the coldest day of my life here in New York and certainly the coldest day of hers) to take her with me to work, so I should just let her be happy with her mixed up outfit and move on. I continued to think about fashion and how I would have never paired my acid washed with sequin as a child; I would have been the laughing stock of the school. But today these times are different and fashion has evolved to a place where anything goes: plaid with flowers, polka dots with paisley, and I guess acid washed with sequin. This was her world of self-expression through fashion and if she is happy then I should be happy too.

top-fashion-blogs-africa_best-african-american-fashion-bloggers_coloured-stockings_colored-tights_pink-bubble-skirt_barbie-editorial_princess-editorial_cute-japanese-fashion-ediI say all of this to say, as long as your child is clean and dressed appropriately for the weather, don’t stress it. Kids have an issue with control (rightfully so). They are always being told what to do, how to do it and who to do it with, but by letting them choose their own clothes, we are giving them a small sense of independence. Controlling their wardrobe not only stifles their creative and artistic expression, but it will cause unnecessary morning drama, and who needs that? After all, it is Friday and at the end of the day there will be a glass of wine waiting for you and all will be well.

So don’t stress the small stuff!

Words to live by from Ky

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You are single and it is your own damn fault!

successful-black-womanYes, I said it and it is time for you to own it. Now is the time to take responsibility for the state of your affairs. Ask yourself how many times you have thought to yourself, “I wonder how long this relationship is going to last?” Or how many times you have searched for something that just wasn’t quite right in your otherwise happy relationship? How many times have you searched for the end so that you can brace yourself and prepare for the fall? That constant worry and doubt kills healthy relationships quick fast and in a hurry. Now before you get your panties in a bunch and start saying it wasn’t your fault that you didn’t do anything wrong, the other person did this and they did that, remember you cannot change a person you can only change yourself. So here it goes – self-reflection time – time to recreate the most irresistible you. It is your time to snag and keep the most eligible bachelor; after all, your mate is a reflection of you. So put your best foot forward and so will he.

Here are 8 steps that can get you on your way:

Step 1: Find out what you are afraid of and face it head on. We all have fears, but when you let that stop you from getting out in the world and meeting new people and doing new things, there is a problem. Have a heart to heart with yourself and find out why you have these feelings of fear. Ask yourself if that thing you are so afraid of happened, then what? Will time stop? No, so face it and then let it go! You will be 100% more confident and it will show in all aspects of your life. Everyone loves a confident person; it creates pure magnetism, but slow down. I said confident, not cocky. and there is an oh so fine line between them.

Step 2: Forget about perfection. Burn that damn perfect partner list and open and free your mind. You aren’t perfect, so don’t expect your partner to be. You may think you know what you want, but I guarantee you there is something out there that you knew nothing about. I bet you didn’t know you wanted flavored vodka until you had it, and then just like that your old perfect, plain vodka was kicked to the curb. So embrace the imperfections in people because the only perfection is love.

Step 3: Make a vow to yourself to be faithful to YOUR happiness. While you may not know exactly what you want, you definitely know what you don’t want and stay true to that. Recognize the signs of things that piss you off early, they will not change. Don’t think that you will eventually learn to love them. No way! You will only begin to hate them intensely. All the signs will be there in the early stages of a relationship, so check for your “oh hell no” triggers and run like hell if you see even a glimpse. But be true to yourself. Don’t make stuff up just because you are afraid of a little heartbreak. You heard the saying before, “It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.”

Step 4: Ok, so now that you have worked out your kinks and found your lover, clean your slate, purge all your old relationship drama and go into each new relationship with zero luggage. This is a new person, so don’t think for a second that he/she will do anything the same as the last relationship. Leave all that baggage at the door, that chapter is over and that season is done, move on. Make way for new experiences and a completely different outcome. Don’t corrupt a new relationship with bad old experiences; you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Step 5: Life is all about relationships, friendships and interactions with others. The same basics that you hold true in your friendships are the same basics that you have with your lover. The only difference is that you are sharing an intimate sexual experience with your lover that you should not be sharing with your friends. You should never expect to do every social activity with your lover. Give each other space and encourage them to hang out with their friends. Always communicate your expectations early so that you are on the same page. Just like a true best friend, you should never be afraid to share your feelings and thoughts with your lover.

Step 6: Don’t get caught up in titles or in the idea of a relationship; get caught up in the person and how they make you feel. Often times we see people who are together for years and then they get married and all of a sudden they are divorced a few months/years later. That is because they think something is supposed to be different after marriage. Nope. If it wasn’t there before, it ain’t gonna be there now!

Step 7: Let go and really experience the joy of love. Don’t look for problems. Don’t automatically assume that his kindness is because he must be guilty of some type of wrongdoing. Bask in the happiness and relish in the excitement. Enjoy the company of each other.

Step 8: You like that new car smell and your car is 10 years old, well hell, go buy an air freshener, there are a million flavors out there. The same applies to any relationship – things don’t have to get stale just because you are out of the “honeymoon” phase. Make time to do the things you both love and always remind yourself why you fell for that person in the first place.

Finally, there is no way you can love anyone else unless you love yourself first. You deserve the best and your mate is somewhere right now waiting for you.

Words to Live By From Ky

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