Happy Friday!

4789263This morning my daughter put on a sequin top and acid washed jeans. Now, my first reaction was to gently suggest that she change to a solid top or a solid bottom, but I stopped. I thought to myself, this is the last day of her vacation and I am dragging her out of bed (on what has to be the coldest day of my life here in New York and certainly the coldest day of hers) to take her with me to work, so I should just let her be happy with her mixed up outfit and move on. I continued to think about fashion and how I would have never paired my acid washed with sequin as a child; I would have been the laughing stock of the school. But today these times are different and fashion has evolved to a place where anything goes: plaid with flowers, polka dots with paisley, and I guess acid washed with sequin. This was her world of self-expression through fashion and if she is happy then I should be happy too.

top-fashion-blogs-africa_best-african-american-fashion-bloggers_coloured-stockings_colored-tights_pink-bubble-skirt_barbie-editorial_princess-editorial_cute-japanese-fashion-ediI say all of this to say, as long as your child is clean and dressed appropriately for the weather, don’t stress it. Kids have an issue with control (rightfully so). They are always being told what to do, how to do it and who to do it with, but by letting them choose their own clothes, we are giving them a small sense of independence. Controlling their wardrobe not only stifles their creative and artistic expression, but it will cause unnecessary morning drama, and who needs that? After all, it is Friday and at the end of the day there will be a glass of wine waiting for you and all will be well.

So don’t stress the small stuff!

Words to live by from Ky

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  1. I agree 100%. Pick your [fashion] battles wisely moms and save all your ammunition (and veto power) for the teenage years!

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