Happy Friday: Window of Opportunity

woman-looking-out-a-windowAs I left the house this morning, I thought about the fact that if I leave the house before a certain time to take my daughter to school we will be too early and the school won’t be open. If I leave the house after a certain time, I get caught behind school buses, garbage trucks, double parked cars, construction, changes in traffic light patterns; anything and everything to slow us down and we are late. It occurred to me that we have a window of opportunity for success (in this case success is getting to school on time with two girls that are the farthest thing from morning people, WINNING!!!), and it is about 10 minutes. If you think about it, everything in life has a window of opportunity — every move you make determines where you will be in the near or distant future. Think about the major events in your life and what created them. There was a window, and if you had moved in a different direction things might be drastically different. Don’t fret though, you have to learn to live with regrets too. No worries, you made some great decisions along the way.

So as you take this journey called life, ALWAYS  make plans with a definite and intentional outcome in mind and move towards them with confidence; knowing, that it belongs to you and once you get it, ‘Babeeeee’ (in my Monique voice) everyone around you will prosper right along with you. Give thanks for your vision and don’t worry, be happy!

Move through your day today alert and awake, paying attention because there is a window open somewhere waiting for you to turn that bitch into a door. Strike! Because that iron is not going to be hot forever!

Happy Friday! Mwahhhhhh

Words to live by from Ky

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