Happy Friday: The Purge

brown eyed beauties - BEBFor the past few weeks I have been having this intense urge to purge. A real need to donate things, recycle old stuff, and get organized. I woke up one morning and decided that was the day and I would give as much as I could. As I looked around the room, I passed over a bunch of stuff and set my eyes on a futon mattress that was still in good condition but had been in storage for years. I argued with my brother because I wanted to toss it, but he insisted that someone somewhere needed it. I still argued I just wanted it gone and right now! He stood firm and I pushed back, but something told me to move on, so I walked away.

The next morning I woke up and decided to purge my plastic bags (I know EVERYONE has a cabinet or drawer full of plastic and/or paper grocery bags. You are supposed to be able to recycle them at the grocery store, but who really has time for that? I never remember to bring them with me…I know, I know, I need to use my reusable bags. I must do better). I pulled them all out of the cabinet and started thinking about a time when I volunteered at a soup kitchen with a few of my lovely sisters of BEB. They were giving out the same type of bags — tons of them — and they were like gold to the guests. They filled them up with cookies, bread, fruit, even clothes. I was assigned to bag distribution and I had to make sure each person only took one bag. There had been incidents where one or two people would take them all. This gave me the idea to stop by the soup kitchen that I pass every morning and see if they could use the bags; I also wanted some info on volunteering. As I left the house, I immediately forgot and my mind wandered to all of the things I had on my plate that day. I drove right past the soup kitchen. Then I heard a voice say: “Wait, you said you were going to go to the soup kitchen today and get some information.” Another said, “No, there is no time for that right now, keep going, we will go another day.” Then a voice yelled, “Go back there now!” (See, I feel comfortable telling you this because I KNOW that you have heard the same voices in your head. You are supposed to. If you aren’t hearing them then you NEED to start listening; it is your soul talking to you and it knows EVERYTHING! Always listen to the voice that speaks from love and growth.)

I turned at the next corner and found a parking spot right in front. The place was buzzing with people, all getting free meals: kids, babies, elderly and all ages in between. I was directed upstairs. I found three very nice women that took my information and were about to write down an address for me and I thought, what the hell, let me ask them if they know anyone that could use a mattress. The women suggested a thrift shop down the street, and then her colleague pulled her to the side and started whispering to her. When she came back she said, “We actually do have someone that was just here yesterday. She just got out of the shelter and doesn’t have a bed. She was just here yesterday asking if we could help.” It literally brought tears to my eyes; it was an amazing display of our power as a collective. We exchanged numbers and I arranged a drop off. Shout out to my husband for the assistance with that, and shout out to my brother for hearing that woman’s request. See, the fact of the matter is, if you don’t speak it into existence it simply will not be. You can visualize and silent prayer all you want, and while that is very important and you should definitely start every day with it, I am realizing that at some point you MUST verbalize your wishes. Words travel far beyond earshot and they carry a unique energy that is able to span unlimited wavelengths of data. The answer to every question you have, every desire you feel, and every requirement that is necessary for a prosperous life, is out there. But in order for it to find you, you HAVE to verbalize it, say it, speak it, shout it, and sing it so it can be heard, then release it with FAITH that it HAS been heard. Say things that give you goose bumps just at the thought of them because those are the ideas that fly the farthest.

Think Big, Be Bold, Stand Proud and Speak with Intent and Desire.

Live in your blessings and be a blessing to someone else everyday.

Happy Friday!

Words to live by from Ky!
Ky is the BEB photographer and regular blogger
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  1. Dear Ky,
    I’ve just read your blog ,and am so absolutely overjoyed to read your affirmative thoughts.
    Words do have forming power and as we send them out they DONOT return void, but attract likeness… shaping & forming that which we’ve spoken. Continue on this spiritual path knowing that “thoughts & words become things”, and we have a choice concerning the “things” we experience. Love, Peace & Blessings upon you, your family, and all of the Browneyed Beauties.

  2. Yes!!!! I actually donate old clothes/shoes/coats/toys a few times a year to a church. That had to be a phenomenal feeling to be able to help someone with things we all take for granted! This elderly couple walks around our neighborhood collecting bottles and we used to just bag them with all our other plastics and they would sort through. I convinced my husband that we should start to make a separate bag for them. It’s small but these things mean so much to people in need. Great job Ky!!!

  3. I love this! I have been feeling the same way! I have started brining my reusable bags for grocery shopping because I am tired of accumulating plastic bags! I had to put them in my car just to remember to use them!
    I did a video about clearing out the clutter on facebook last year and that was my catalyst to finally start purging and cleaning. It feels soo good to get rid of stuff you don’t need or know you are not going to use it anymore. I gave away like 6 bags of clothes, threw out old toys and what just seemed like “junk” that had accumulated throughout the months.
    Kudos to you for not throwing out the futon and helping someone in need, it certainly makes for a happy spirit!

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