Happy Friday: Divine Order

#CharlestonShooting #BlackLivesMatter

#CharlestonShooting #BlackLivesMatter

Sometimes we are faced with situations, confronted with circumstances or come in contact with people who really make us take a moment to question our faith. While you don’t have to be a devout member of any denominational religious institution or even a television tither you can still have a belief in something bigger than you; in a power that is the driving force of your daily steps, reflections and encounters. The belief can, for some, be almost supernatural to the extent that you allow it to be. Those of us who are rooted in Divine Power and Divine Order understand that all things happen for a reason. Some of those things make us question our sensibilities, like the church shooting in South Carolina and the host of other killings that birthed the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, and made those Americans of color who believe that this country is colorless and racially muted turn their volumes up and pay attention.

As I weep for the families in South Carolina and all of the families who have been faced with having had their loved one snatched from them without reason, I pray and know that even with these horrific tragedies and even in this unsettled state of race in our country, I still believe in Divine Order. In fact, everything happens for a reason, albeit heart-rending, God makes evolutionary decisions that allow us to face the certainties of our existences and promote change.

This tragedy, like all, make us aware of the importance of treasuring every moment that we have with family, friends or acquaintances. It, in all of its grief, brings us together. Say “I love you” to someone today, get introspective today and get back to your true self. Realize the presence of your Divine Order and live your life wholly, happily and with love and gratitude. Life is a gift!

I often autograph my books with, “Create moments that make amazing stories!” I believe that because whether you’re telling it, or someone else is telling it for you, those moments are irreplaceable.

With Love,

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